About Greijdanus

As a Reformed Secondary School our right to exist lies in our reformed identity. This means that all people at our school wish to base themselves on, be inspired by, turn towards and draw upon what the God of the Bible wants with us, from the covenant relationship that He has entered into with us. > Read more

The basis for Greijdanus is that we believe that we can and must sparkle in God’s light. This is a promise and a mission. As humans, we are meant to glorify Him. This can only happen if we discover our identity in Christ and if we recognise our unique gifts and want to use them to make Him mighty. > Read more

There has been a close collaboration since June 2009 with the Reformed Primary Education within the scope of Greijdanus, namely Accretio, De Zevenster and Scholengroep Hannah. The organisations work together or coordinate their policies with each other in the areas of identity, care, continuous learning and organisational support. > Read more

At Greijdanus we have opted for an education vision that is more transformational than it is metaphorical. Based on our Christian worldview we believe it is important to aim for a broad personality development of the student. In so doing, we encourage students to master the subjects taught and the associated skills. > Read more

Our commitment to internationalisation is strong and has been defined as one of the key tasks of the quality education our school wants to offer, because of our convictions regarding global mindedness and world citizenship. > Read more

Greijdanus is a Christian public secondary comprehensive school with establishments in Zwolle, Meppel, Hardenberg and Enschede: all in the province Overijssel and Drenthe, towards the north eastern part of The Netherlands. > Read more

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