As a Reformed Secondary School our right to exist lies in our reformed identity. This means that all people at our school wish to base themselves on, be inspired by, turn towards and draw upon what the God of the Bible wants with us, from the covenant relationship that He has entered into with us. For the realisation of the statutory basis of the school, we embrace wholeheartedly a tradition in which it is confessed that the three Reformed standards provide a reliable summary of the content of the Christian faith.

We are a Reformed school. This means that everyone is focussed on teaching, growing and development, in which there is regard for ‘man as a whole’. Our school is therefore a teaching and a way of life community. Members of staff commit to the basis and the school’s Identity Document. Thus they contribute to the school’s mission as teachers, role models and confidants.

As a reformed school we are open for and to our surroundings. We contribute towards social aims both close to home and further away. God’s Creation is a great miracle that demands to be used (with reverence and care). Students discover what ‘is for sale in society’, learn to evaluate this and to also contribute to this society. They experience this social diversity personally and learn how to manage it. We are a Reformed Secondary School established under Dutch law. This means that what we do is focussed on and embedded in government legislation.

We put flesh on our ideological identity through our profession, in what we ‘preach’ and in the way in which we give shape to our education. This also has consequences for the students that we admit and for the staff that we recruit. This is elaborated in the Greijdanus ‘Identity Document’.

We want to Sparkle in His light. We see a world that needs God’s light. We can and must work therein together with Christ, inspired by his Spirit. This is the basis. How do we do this? At school, we use a set of values that provide direction and that apply to all areas of the organisation: staff, students and (parts of) the organisation itself. Just as a diamond manifests the colours of Light. Everyone contributes from his/her own role, function and personality from a basis of reciprocity and equality.

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