Sparkling in His light

The basis for Greijdanus is that we believe that we can and must sparkle in God’s light. This is a promise and a mission. As humans, we are meant to glorify Him. This can only happen if we discover our identity in Christ and if we recognise our unique gifts and want to use them to make Him mighty. That is wonderful because you are able to know that you are sparkling and it challenges you to work on becoming even more beautiful. You will shine if you show His glory in who you are and what you do. This is how you light up your environment, school, class, home and community.

At Greijdanus, we want to pass on the Light to you and help you to sparkle. We encourage each other to search for your personal identity in Christ. In order to discover what your unique talents are, which you can use to honour Him and to help others. In this way, we wish to propagate the Light in the world together.

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