Education vision

At Greijdanus we have opted for an education vision that is more transformational than it is metaphorical. Based on our Christian worldview we believe it is important to aim for a broad personality development of the student. In so doing, we encourage students to master the subjects taught and the associated skills. In this way the brain is activated and used to the maximum. That is always undertaken in collaboration with co-students and teachers (togetherness).

Students and teachers take responsibility for reach other (responsibility). Students and teachers do the utmost for each other. Not just in difficult situations but in normal learning situations as well (serve). That demands intensive, close relationships in which safety and care are guaranteed. Only in this way can direct feedback be given and received so that the gifts and talents that the students have been given develop further (growth). Direct feedback is person centred and can thus be given in a tailored manner for the individual students (distinction).

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