Commitment to Inter-nationalization

Our commitment to internationalisation is strong and has been defined as one of the key tasks of the quality education our school wants to offer, because of our convictions regarding global mindedness and world citizenship. The Greijdanus Christian high school is a comprehensive Dutch high school, located in four different cities: Enschede, Hardenberg, Meppel and Zwolle. We believe in the God of the Bible and, encapsulated in the motto of our school, believe we may and have to sparkle in God’s loving Light.

Greijdanus in Action
The Greijdanus Christian High school offers its students school trips abroad, its orchestra and choir travelled extensively and students have been involved in care projects all over the world. The school organizes student exchanges with Germany, Spain, Canada, the U.S.A., India and South Africa, and organized many special group trips, like the Creation Science Expedition to the Grand Canyon and surrounding parks.

Our students and staff attend international conferences, like the Student Leadership Course in Budapest, and the IATEFL in England. We had student exchanges with Ukraine, Mission projects with Uganda and Rumania, and presently we are involved with a Care-project with a school in Chennai, India. All internationalization projects do benefit the school a lot and we are gratefully looking at the riches God did and does provide in this area.

Internationalization of education
In today’s world, we view an interconnected network and global awareness as assets. With the current world as interconnected Global Village in mind, Greijdanus is convinced it must place increasingly more importance on internationalization. The school itself aims to be international in the sense that it also is international at home. Our curriculum incorporates intercultural and international dimensions and hence helps students develop international and intercultural skills without ever leaving their country.

Motives and Principles
1. The school wants to be relevant to the community at large, serve others and add spice and salt to the banquet of the contemporary world. God wants us to reach out and be accountable citizen of the world. This forces us to look at the education we are offering. The school wants its students to engage with the world, because Christian education has much to share, serve and give, out of faith. We educate our students to be able to venture, meet and interact with others.

2. We believe Christians and Christian schools worldwide, sharing God’s gifts, must also be willing to show interest in each other worldwide. We can learn from and pray for each other and work abreast in Gods Kingdom. Being citizens of His Kingdom, part of His creation and of this world, complete with all rights and responsibilities, we must strive for understanding and let the world experience the fruit of the Holy Spirit Gal.5:22-23 (NIV) “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

3. World Citizenship is part and parcel of education. Our societies are increasingly more plural. Citizenship has rights and duties, human rights, rights to express and to have schools and we are responsible for this world as stewards of God. We must love our fellow citizens as ourselves, and participate in our communities. As school, we aim to develop the whole student in such a way he/she will be able to be a responsible world citizen.

Hereby we extend an invitation to you to approach us on this, maybe one day we can collaborate and together make something beautiful happen!

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